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News September 15, 2008

RIGHT! Time we got this thing up and running again. It is meee, Sam! Pete has kindly given me full admin for this now, so I can do what I like with this! And what I like is more comics!

Basically, we have all had a long hard summer holiday, filled with days in bed etc…well actually thats just me, Pete and Joe have been working lol. So yeah, with so much going on, we haven’t really had time to write more comics, to blog, or to do anything! That ends here, with the posting of 2 new comics…hopefully from here on out, there will be at least 1 comic a week, depending on how much time I get in which to draw them.

Maybe pete and joe will contribute from time to time, who knows = ]

Oh, I also felt the need to introduce two new characters, our good friends Roshan and Dan (we call him Southy, but yours truly was already using “S”), so yeah…onwards…