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Deja Vu September 21, 2007

Filed under: Comic Archive — beanspoon @ 10:34 am

I know there’s supposed to be accents but I can’t do them.  So there.

Well, there was a far too long break between the last comic and this one, but I want to go to a good university so I’ve got work to do.  Not that I won’t draw comics in my spare time.  Anyway…

You thought the matrix was just a film?  Think again…and be afraid… 

#00016 Deja Vu


3 Responses to “Deja Vu”

  1. Kimbo Says:

    this is cool! typical of u guys tho! hehehe! btw now u can call sam, samantha cos he has long golden locks MWAHAHAHAHA! 😀 oj! lv ya all! xXx

  2. Adder Says:

    Weeell. Im getting a hair cut soon so ill have ANOTHER new hairstyle =D

  3. theblackadder Says:

    Lmao it was proper funny when this happened…

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