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Comic #00017 Now Out! February 20, 2008

Filed under: News Archive — beanspoon @ 2:51 pm

Here it is: the answer to your prayers.  No, I haven’t posted a comic in ages, but I am the creative genius behind them.  So forgive me and shut up.

 Click on the latest comic tab or comic archive.  Either one, it doesn’t matter.  I’m not going to put a link here for you, you can get there yourself.  What do you think I am?  Your mother?

 Other than that, the only other news is that I’ll be doing comics more often now I’ve found a style I like.  Also, I’ve found I’m a complete nerd.  This little revelation occured to me as I sat in my bed at half twelve the other night using my phone as a bluetooth modem so I could read Penny Arcade comics (if you’ve never read Penny Arcade, and are an aspiring geek, go to  I’m going now.

 PK out.


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