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OK,OK September 17, 2007

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so…school SUCKS

maccy d’s SUCKS

and most things SUCK



i figure…

screw it all lmao

just doin this b4 getting on with YET more media

gym today was gd, met sum new groovey peoples and tried a backflip sort-of-gainer thingy to the side

tis pretty kwl =D

london soon

need to book the time off work

tho i want to quit SO bad

so i figure…if my December i still havnt found a new job

im quitting anyway

and facing a few months of being quite poor indeed

worth it

atleast then i’ll have time to fit in a scocial life aswell as a working and school one!

ahhh well

that’s life ennit?

it’ll get better

i assume =-P

later folks

big jump woo


My Vids =D August 6, 2007

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summer time August 2, 2007

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so, summer hath began and all is groovy gd times with gd people…made a new friend ( fredrico =D) and annoyed sum old ones (hamblin =D) i miss mr. cole n’ peeps… damn them and their holz!!! lol


maccy d’s has me workin like a bitch

even trying to make me work during kirtys party!


sum1 wanna cover me? lmao =P


bored now

gunna go

be joe


u wish u cud be joe!


im luvin it


summer summer summer YAY July 19, 2007

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so, first year of st.albans (and hopefully not the last!) …

and I’ve had a blast… stressing out over media… watching friends come and go (byebye Hamblin Tom and Lloyd…you shall be missed) toast at bread of heaven and pissin around in the park 😀

its a damn different school to Westmon thats for sure…people are like….nice! you can put somthing down and it wont get stolen…teachers keep their rooms unlocked and they try to expel gays 😛 … its all ts quite scary! (esspecally the nice thing :O)

so the year… gigs, drinks, mates, television, computers, Cwmbran, Newport, Cardiff … and of course… Schoolwork…

all in all i think we all should have a nice well deserved break

so to everyone who bothers to read this

have a great summer =D

and for those of u i dont see outside of school

i’ll see ya’ll in september 😉

later everyone!

face plant!


June 19, 2007

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gone lol



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everythings always the same…

get up

get ready for skl

go to school


bread of heaven






course work


get up

get ready for school …

I mean what the hell!! its been the same rouitein! we need sumthin new…sumthin exiting…sumthin that changes everything!!! this monotony is killing me!!!!

sum1 get a fucking hair cut

or a new girlfriend

HELL get a boyfriend!

that wud atleast make things interesting for the day

everyones just like strolling along, nothing changing anymore NOTHING…most exiting thing thats happenin in my life was getting a fuckin filling!!!!

fed up fed up fed up fed up fed up!!

sum PLEASE do sumthin intersting…

sum change is most deffiniatly in order…



Been a while June 13, 2007

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so yeh, its been a while so i figure i may as-well wright a new blog…not that any1 cares but ohhh well…

so where to starttt?…hmmmaccy D’s…hate it, i hate maccy d’s as it is i think its a horrible organisation that thinks its bigger for life…but after working for it i just hate it more =P the ppl are kwl but the job it self is HORRIBLE i really cant stand it, i’ve decided to quit when i’ve saved enough for 1/2 a car or when i find a new job…wich eva comes first really lol…Tuesday 5 and a half hours Thursday the same Saturday 6 hours and Sunday i have an 8 hour shift…and thats just this week ^o)…ahhh well…what else can i tlk about?

hung out with lloyd today which i ent done for like AAGGEEESS and saw martyn which was cool, never see him either si that was coooool went up Westmon as well always a laugh like…how sad that i still go up there? =P meh who cares lol

so i failed my psyc without a shadow of a doubt (tho my parents still think i have a hope luv em’) law didn’t actually go to badly which I’m pretty shocked about =O lol but we’ll just have to wait and see

i figure, pick up an AS next year if i fail 1 and if i fail 2 pick up an AS and do an English language course up at the collage (y) that is, if st.albans will let me =S…ahh wellllll

the new fluidity vid was out the other week so that was cool

and the full Ponty was amazing =D sum guy filmed me doing a back flip and i think i split sumones lip in the pits lol and kicked sum ppl crowd surfin! ah well it was gurd fun…

im thinkin about only doin 1 or 2 shifts a week over the summer i wanna really enjoy it…a nice lazy summer with friends sounds nice *nod*

nothin worth mentioning same life…its borin stuff… im actually getting really fed up with the monotiny…i was sumthin to happen that changes things around a bit…everythings gotten to stale…thats why i’ve GOT to get into uni…get out of ponty pool…for that matter get out of torfaen and if i can get out of Wales!!! im just totally fed up with it…i want a new place, new faces, new lessons a new start is well and truly in order me thinks…

rite im gunna dash now anyway, not that i have anything better to do but yah know…mite have me a nice bath because im cool like that…

later y’all!

Bithday Camping!