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Happy Birthday to Me! June 5, 2007

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Yep it’s my birthday, and the new comic’s out, so we all have to celebrate!  Hooray! I should be revising now so off I go…I’ve got a stats exam later.  Oh well.  Enjoy the comic!


Quick blogging May 26, 2007

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I have 3 minutes till my time on this computer in Cwmbran Library runs out so I gotta make this quick.  New Comic revealing the final part of the Curse Of Media is now out.  I hope it is enjoyed by all! 1 minute! Enjoy!


Tiredness… May 24, 2007

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Well, at least someone’s reading these.  Thank you for your comments Joe!  Anyway, I am here at quarter to seven, saying that I am now working on “#00013 The Curse Of Media Part 3 – The Showdown!”  Not long to wait now, folks!  Even though I have exams and such, I have found the perfect time to draw my comics – on the bus!  I never do anything while sitting on the bus anyway, and my bus journey in a day is a good two hours anyway, so it’s just perfect!  So, the last part of the curse of media story is coming soon, and we’re all happy and I’m tired.  I going to go eat something.


Between exams… May 22, 2007

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Ha I have 10 mins between exams so I decided to use it doing this as I can’t face any more revision.  Seems like a good way to spend a break…hmmm…

 If you’re wondering, it’s German, and I’ve just finished the listening and am off to do my Reading now… Oh well…


Blog blog blog blog… May 21, 2007

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Ooh…this is new…*looks around*

Blog.  Hmm…

Well…Today I have a new comic page and a blog.  That’s different.  I suppose this means more responsibility for me…posting often about my life…great.  So far today I have revised and got used to this new site.  That’s cool.  I was the only person in German today.  That’s pretty crazy.  That’s all.

I’ve got to get used to this blog lark…