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Another comic???!!! February 26, 2008

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Yep, I’m drawing yet another comic. Relative to my recent (or not so recent) comic output, this is like overdrive. But it’s worth trying to keep up with my life because it’s so undoubtedly cool. The only trouble is trying to think up good funny storylines for comics about what’s going on, but I hope I’ve managed thus far…

Anyway, before this becomes a buttock-clenchingly dull blog, I will stop writing and get back to the comic. Check back soon,

PK out.


Comic #00017 Now Out! February 20, 2008

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Here it is: the answer to your prayers.  No, I haven’t posted a comic in ages, but I am the creative genius behind them.  So forgive me and shut up.

 Click on the latest comic tab or comic archive.  Either one, it doesn’t matter.  I’m not going to put a link here for you, you can get there yourself.  What do you think I am?  Your mother?

 Other than that, the only other news is that I’ll be doing comics more often now I’ve found a style I like.  Also, I’ve found I’m a complete nerd.  This little revelation occured to me as I sat in my bed at half twelve the other night using my phone as a bluetooth modem so I could read Penny Arcade comics (if you’ve never read Penny Arcade, and are an aspiring geek, go to  I’m going now.

 PK out.


Comic #00016 Finally out!!!! September 21, 2007

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Yes, it’s done!  And I finally got to upload it!  Woo hoo!  Click the LATEST COMIC tab to view!


Holidaysssss… August 12, 2007

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Ok, ok don’t kill me!  Yes I know there haven’t been any comics for ages!  My only defence is that it’s been the hols and I’ve been all over the place…I’m currently sat in Scotland, after a 5 hour trip from Carlisle, following a 5 hour trip there from home yesterday.  So there.  I want sympathy, SYMPATHY!!!

Anyway, I’ve done most of the new comic, I’ll finish it very soon.


My Vids =D August 6, 2007

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Comic #00014 out! June 5, 2007

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Hey everyone!  The latest comic – Triumphant Returns is now out!  And it also happens to be my birthday…that’s cool.  Happy birthday to me!  Enjoy the comic!


Comic #00013 now up! May 26, 2007

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Hey everyone!  I have finally gotten round to finishing the final part of the Curse of Media!  I came all the way to Cwmbran to post it!  Hoorah! Click the Latest Comic link at the top of the screen to see, and enjoy!